Dispergo RT ACH / LBTR

The electronic dispersion of payments system, Dispergo, is oriented to the batch exchange of transactions. It acts as a transaction gateway between the transactions of the bank's clients and the transactions of clients of other banks. It provides precision in operational management and reduces the time required to manage transactions.
  • Developed according to ACH's local operating cycle. This provides greater reliability and less operability. Business logic is fully integrated into the system.
  • This version allows you to use all the advantages of a graphical environment under Windows, which makes it a very practical system when using it.


  • Reception of files from a company or channels. The company files correspond to the files with transactions to disperse sent by the clients of the banking institution to the banking institution. These files must arrive through the channel provided by the banking institution to one of the parameterized sources (directories). Once in this directory, the MTA is responsible for transferring it to Dispergo.
  • Introduction of lots of manual transactions (contingency or other use for the institution)
  • Double authorization of lots before it disperse.
  • Receipt of NACHA file.
  • Internal interface generation and client API invocation.
  • Control of deposits and collections to clients' mothers accounts
  • Response reading from internal interface.
  • Generation of NACHA response
  • Response in client files (file sent by the client with the same structure, but with response code) with which the client can integrate it into their administrative systems and update it Compensation report printing.
  • Consultation of lots (these must be kept for 10 years).
  • Control of prenotas.
  • Handles controls on the extras in addition to the NACHA protocol: number of debits to be accepted, transaction amount, accumulated amount, expiration date.
  • Manages prenotas by official and supervising officer. The system is developed in an easy way to update the files of interface and easy to maintain different files of clients.


  • Compliance 100% standard Nacha which guarantees you a fast implementation ..
  • Easy to use for End User
  • Cost for licensing, not for transactions
  • Annual Maintenance, which includes access to new releases
  • Support with qualified staff and experience in ACH.


  • Windows 2003 Server Standar Edition
  • SQL Server 2005


  • Pentium III or greater
  • 600MHz, 1GHz recommended
  • 512MB, 1GB recommended
  • 80GB disk